Love Storage

The best thing to store the most intimate secrets and precious valuables!

Perfect Storage for All Areas

The Love Storage is a storage that is build with Love. Encapsulating Love & Memories forever in this...

Kids Friendly

Unlike many other D.I.Y. furnitures, our components, especially the Love Storage can be installed by children. Encouraging them to learn to install.

Easy To Install

With the use of the Smart Joining System, no tools would be needed in order to install the storage. It is as easy as ABC. .

Infinite Creativity

The Love Storage hereby provide users to maximise their creativity whereby there is infinite possibilities towards how to design it with multiple storage.

Interchangeable Colours

There are up to 9 different colours for our clients to choose. The choice of colours would surely fullfill each and every area of your home or office .

Eco Friendly

Our products are mainly eco-friendly whereby each and every part that is damaged can be changed. There is no need for customers to buy the whole storage again.


Our storage is not just as is, instead clients can always add on to make their storage unique. Mirrors, boxes and even door panels can also be placed in.

Love Storage

In Place 22+

Small Is Wonderful

The In Place 22+ is small in size with 200mm (L) x 200mm (W) x 200mm (H). Making it small and functional.

Easy to Install

The Love Storage uses the smart joining system, providing users an ease when installing and dismantling.

9 Different Colours

There are 9 different colours that can be choosed.

Love Storage

In Place 24+

Small Is Wonderful

Unlike In Place 22+, the In Place 24+ comes with 200mm (W) x 400mm (L) x 200 mm (H). Providing customers a larger storage area to place their items.

Easy to Install

By having the same features like the In Place 22+, the In Place 24+ also implies the Smart Joining System. Bringing in convenience to the customers when it comes to installing the component.

9 different colours

Different colours can be used in the same area or even different designated area, that suits the clients needs. It is all up to your very own design.

Love Storage

Available Colours

White with Black edging

Solid Black

Black with Timber edging

Timber effect